Reflection: What does it mean to be a workaholic?

Work to live but don’t live to work. Plucking words from the mind, stitching them together into sentences and weaving them into paragraphs will create a text, but all of that takes time. Being a workaholic means crunching the amount of time these processes take and prioritising work over rest. The results can be good, bad or ugly.

If you haven’t yet realised that I am a workaholic, I must respectfully ask you, where have you been? I am neither proud nor resentful; instead, I have come to embrace this as my default method of functioning. As such, I must sometimes intervene and disrupt the burgeoning workflows before they breach the overwhelming threshold.

Natasha Rothwell playing Kelly from Insecure via Giphy
My face when planning to make time for yet another new project via Gifer
Me to me: When I notice myself overworking via BuzzFeed

Truth be told, I have never understood these concepts of self-care and find it very difficult to relax. And while there’s a lack of sunshine and no possibility of seeing live music or a good DJ set, I find that I am lost.

Under this capitalist system, self-care is rooted in individualism and consumerism. Of course, people need to look after themselves, but with us being stuck indoors and glued to our social media feeds, our imaginations can get easily stifled. When I say self-care, what do you imagine? Did you envision a face mask, a relaxing bath or a glass of wine? If yes, the beauty, retail and influencer industry would be proud. In reality, not everyone will find these activities relaxing — no shade to those who do. Either way, I’m checking out of writing this blog for the month of March. I’ll return revitalised and refreshed, ready to deliver more stories about languages, social issues, politics, music and anything else that fits into my eclectic mix.

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